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10 reasons why to choose Romania for setting up your new company

  • 1. One of the lowest taxation schemes in Europe! 
  • 2. Fiscal Stability
  • 3. The shareholder benefits from absolute protection 
  • 4. Extremely solid banking system 
  • 5. The fastest internet in Europe + good urban infrastructure 
  • 6. An interesting, vibrant society, with a strong middle class of millions of citizens
  • 7. “Flexible” urbanistic laws 
  • 8. Extremely high growth potential in the post covid period
  • 9. Almost 80 billion Euros to absorb by EU during the period 2022 – 2026 
  • 10. A country with strong growth and citizens with available income and increased purchasing power
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The taxation of a company in Romania

The taxation of a Limited Liability Company in Romania, the tax on dividend, information about VAT, the foreign citizens and comparing taxation advantages.

  • 1 – 3% tax on revenues, for a company with revenues up to 1.000.000 Euros
  • 16% tax on profits, for a company with revenues over 1.000.000 Euros
  • 5% tax on dividend
  • There are no issues such as advanced payment of taxes, extraordinary taxes, insurance for the shareholder or other charges.
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Examples of company taxation in Romania

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