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We are here to facilitate the opening of your personal or your company’s accounts in Romania.

  • We have extended experience of dealing with the Romanian banking sector for over 17 years’ time, having served hundreds of clients.
  • Our team knows every step of the procedure and has prepared solutions for everything to be concluded quickly, correctly and professionally, exactly as you wish too. 
  • We collaborate with 10+ international and local banks and can propose to you more options to choose the one that suits you best. 
  • In case you have many and high volume transactions in different currencies, we will suggest to you mechanisms that can provide you with the best possible exchange rate, as we apply for our businesses too. 
  • We also offer services related to the optimization of your banking costs. 
  • Our services to facilitate the opening of your bank accounts are available for you, either you are our client (and it is free of charge), or you are not (you will have to pay for it).

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