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Company formation

We provide you everything you need and deliver to you a well-structured Romanian company, ready to benefit from the country’s excellent taxation scheme.

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Bank accounts

We collaborate with 10+ international and local banks and can offer you different options, depending on the specifics of your project, for you to choose the one that suits you best.

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The headquarters of your company

We offer you two options, only “brick and mortar” headquarters (and never “virtual” ones), covering your needs at the best possible cost.

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Accounting, Legal and other services

We combine the vast market experience of our team, with the know-how and the solution contributed by the top accountants, lawyers, tax consultants, customs’ officers etc we have chosen to collaborate with.

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Fiscal Residence

Become Romanian Fiscal Resident, following our guidance from A to Z, until the successful conclusion of the project.

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Residence Permit in Romania

We have the experts and the right solutions to obtain your Residence Permit, plus for all sorts of other permits and documents you may need, working until the implementation of each task.

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Commercial Penetration in Romania

Once you set up a Romanian company using our services, we will also be available to offer you services to help you penetrate the Romanian market, if of interest. We have the know-how and the knowledge to deliver for you tangible results.

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Representation Office in Romania

If you have a company out of Romania and simply wish to set up a representation office here, we know how to handle the issue from A to Z.

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More services, based on your needs

  • Residence for you to live in
  • The best offers for mobile phone contracts in Romania
  • Identification of the right commercial space for your future shop in Bucharest or around the country.
  • Services to rent a property, drafting of the rental agreement while protecting your rights.
  • Many more services, just ask!

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