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The setup of a company in Romania is the right choice for those wishing to enter a dynamic market and benefit from its unique taxation (1 – 3% on income, for revenues up to 1.000.000 Euros), its vibrant economy and its strong potential for further growth.

MORE Consulting offers all the services you need (One Stop Shop) and provides you with a well-established company, the proper (non-virtual) headquarters, attention to every detail, customized to your actual and future plans.

Why set up a company in Romania

  • One of the lowest taxation schemes in Europe
  • Flexible procedures, easy to understand and operate
  • The shareholder benefits from absolute protection
  • The strongest economy of SE Europe
  • Almost 80 billion Euros to absorb by EU during the period 2022 – 2026

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The taxation of a company in Romania

  • 1 – 3% tax on revenues, for a company with revenues up to 1.000.000 Euros
  • 5% tax on dividend
  • There are no issues such as advanced payment of taxes, extraordinary taxes, insurance for the shareholder or other charges

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Ίδρυση εταιρείας Ρουμανία - Υπεύθυνα, γρήγορα και εύκολα

Company Formation: Easy, quick and careful process

We undertake your company’s formation project, with just few signatures from your side. It will last 3 – 5 working days. Working together with you, we set up its structure from the very beginning, provide you with (optional) consulting based on our experience and draft the necessary documents for the company’s incorporation, considering actual and future challenges.

Everything is planned in advance

The registration of your company’s name, the drafting of the constitutive deed based on your directions, the NACE (activity) codes you need plus the actual formation of your company will be concluded before you arrive in Bucharest! Our vast experience and our network of expert lawyers and accountants take care of every detail, fulfilling all your present and future needs.

Your stay: Ready in just a few hours!

All elements are organized to their last detail, for you to arrive in Bucharest and just in few hours’ time to finalize the signing processes for the opening of your personal and company bank accounts in 2 major Romanian banks, the paperwork for your Romanian Personal Fiscal Number (necessary to get dividends) and everything else you might need. Once we receive the original documents of your new company, you will receive them as well, immediately.

In English

We speak/write/communicate in English in every step of the process. We collaborate only with certified, experienced translators of the English language.

Resolving everything without visiting Romania

If you choose to set up your company remotely, we can also arrange it, except from the visit to the bank’s branches, to open bank accounts. This is a mandatory visit, in all “brick and mortar” banks around Europe.

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Tailored solutions, based on your needs

We draft the constitutive deed of your company, taking into consideration your directions, needs and the NACE (Activity) Codes of your choice. In case you don’t know them, you can simply let us know about the activities of your interest and we will identify and submit them for your approval, and then introduce them in the document. We also offer you free consulting for the choice of the right headquarters of your company, plus even more services, such as: Additional Activity Codes, or more elements that will proactively resolve future issues.

Εξατομικευμένες λύσεις - Ίδρυση Εταιρείας στη Ρουμανία

Attention to detail

  • Drafting of the constitutive deed based on your needs plus useful advice by our experts.
  • Issuing VIES code for your company once it is set up.
  • Explanations and guidance for you to get used to the e-banking services of the Romanian banks
  • Creation of your first invoices
  • Drafting of your first loan agreement, based on which the shareholder will loan to the company an amount (very useful and legal fiscal “tool”, which saves you money and usually it is not mentioned by the majority).
  • Creation and easy use of bank accounts
Υποστήριξη - Ίδρυση Εταιρείας - Ρουμανία

By your side, with After Sales Services, once your company is incorporated

Once your company is set up, you can still count on us to be “your people in Romania”! As hundreds of our clients can confirm to you, we will remain by your side, with solutions and / or advice by the right experts for anything that might occur in the future. 

We also guide you on how to legally prepare your first invoices, how to organize and issue the necessary documents you will need and how you will collaborate with your accountant.

Also, once you have a new idea that you wish to implement, we are here to sit down with you, carefully analyze the new data, structure your potential future project and adjust your company accordingly.

  • We also support you in the process of obtaining your Residence Permit in Romania (without cost, if you are an E.U citizen, with cost if you are not).
  • Resolution of any problem that might appear until you get used to operating a company in Romania, explaining everything in English.
  • Full support for you to conclude any other procedure that will allow you to run your company flawlessly!

We have the solutions you need!

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Constantly updated!

Every year we issue and send to all our clients our Annual Guide on How to Operate your Company in Romania, including:

  • Every step you need to know
  • How to handle all kinds of situations as an administrator
  • Everything regarding banks 
  • Complete information about taxation
  • Plus tips to operate your company more efficiently

Our clients consider this Guide as “a unique tool, one of a kind, extremely useful”.

Ίδρυση εταιρείας Ρουμανία - Ενημέρωση

Quarterly Newsletter

With economic news from Romania and information regarding the business environment, tax issues and more.

EU and National Grants

Information for current EU Grants of your interest, without extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding company formation in Romania

How easy is it to set up a company in Romania?

Collaborating with our company, you will experience an easy, quick, but also punctual and careful company formation, always “by the book”.

What are my options regarding the banks in Romania?

30+ banks from several European Banks + local ones. The main characteristic of the Romanian banking system is its stability, as the amounts of deposits are 50% higher than the amount of loans! 
(Electronic banks are not excluded either, this would be your choice).

How can I be sure that I will buy and sell in the European Union, without problems and without charging VAT?

Choosing the right headquarters, issuing the VIES code and afterwards issuing the VAT code of your company. We will also need to add from the very beginning the right NACE (activity) codes and obviously you will have our guidance and support on every step until the final conclusion of the task.

What kind of headquarters do you suggest?

We don’t offer “virtual headquarters in an office, together with 1.000 more companies”. We have chosen to offer to our clients only brick and mortar solutions, real desks on real office spaces, for them to have a “by the book” solution for their headquarters as well.

Are there any other additional costs related to taxes?

No! Romania does not oblige you to be insured just because you are a shareholder in a company, the Limited Liability Company you will set up will not pay anything in advance, or other types of taxes, direct or indirect. You will pay for your company’s tax, as it is already described (1% or 3%) and your tax on dividends (5%), if you wish to receive dividends as a shareholder.

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