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Ηλίας Παπαγεωργιάδης

Ilias Papageorgiadis

Position: CEO

Responsibility: Company Growth

Experience: Since 1994


Short CV

Ilias Papageorgiadis is the CEO of MORE Consulting. He has been an entrepreneur since 1994, having started his career in Greece together with Grigoris, in the field of business consultancy, marketing and media. His life changed when he decided to move from Greece to Romania in 2004. Since then, together with his brother, they created projects in Real Estate (reaching top 10 in the country for 3 years in a row), Renewable Energy, Commerce and Consulting.

Ilias is the president of the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas and from 2015 to 2019 he served as an elected board member of Bioenergy Europe, one of the most important European associations in the Renewable Energy sector. He was also the vice president of the Romanian Farmers Federation ProAgro and nowadays he is involved in the Association of Romanian Food Producers (APAR) and the Romanian Confederation “Business Romania”.

In 2008 he started the first blog for Real Estate in Southeastern Europe and until 2015 he had published 4 books, between them 2 with major impact: One with “Real Estate adventures” and the other one with “100 secrets on how to purchase a home”, considered by thousands of home buyers and hundreds of Real Estate agents a unique tool of easily understanding all the steps to safely purchase a property.

He follows up the clients of ours involved in the sectors except Commerce. 

He is the one to be called when a client wants to change his strategy, ask about a possible new activity, wants to find out more about a subject of fiscal, legal or commercial interest, or is interested in receiving consulting for his business. Through his vast network of contacts, he will also be the one who will set up valuable meetings and open doors for our clients. Last but not least, he will also be the one searching for solutions by “asking the right question” and finding the right person or company

He speaks English, Greek and Romanian.